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Sunday Sneak Peek.. Mmm.. Sneak Taste might be better to the point.

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Bottom line: The Taste was on point.

Been a hot day and we are just about wrapped up on our pre-wrap, soft opening, Sunday fun day, smoking hot sampling, all day, food tasting.

There were lots of oohs and aaahs. People driving half way home and then coming back for seconds and thirds.

Talking to Reginald Johnson, the owner, he said he just loved "getting The Taste all dialed-in so we can share it with you."

They even have a free neighborhood program coming, where you refer them to your neighborhood and your family eats free!

Guests came from miles around to sample The Taste today. Queen Creek traffic jams and the warm weather aside, driving to a neighborhood to eat is definitely something new. And in this case, well worth it.

Somebody eating was overheard saying today, "this is the kind of place you don't want to tell people about, not at least until you got yours." They then ordered extra to go before they left.

Hard to argue with that, but be in the know on this, we have enough to share! Here's a sneak peek of what you missed:

At the end of the day, we know The Taste has been on point for years, and now we're about to bring that truth home to you.

Click on this link and get on the neighborhood list now before we are all committed for September.

Giving today 5 stars!


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