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Grandma's Chocolate Macaron Recipe

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

So we could debate how to pronounce macaron or how to spell it, but neither would get to the point, which is they are goody. Tasty even if they are made just right. Good Foods made just right, bring joy to the dish! That's what The Taste Daily is going to be about.

The JOY in the dish.

Ok, will admint now that there is no recipe here. Just our first blog post. Those do look good, but that's definitely not a meal. See below the macaron for some secret information only people who read this message will know.

Be sure to tell us when you come to The Taste Truck!

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If you tell us you saw us on the website, we'll give you something to share with your friends!

Luckily none of the people in this video missed The Taste, we weren't there. I wonder how we could get in touch with them to let them know? Do you know any of them? Could you tell people where and when we are out?

Of course, you could. And we would love it! And so would you, because they will love it.

See you at The Taste. If you have read this far, just go a little more and join our email list.

Go on, keep scrolling.


Just kidding. The email list is on the, that's where you can join the list, down at the bottom.

And that's also the address you can click here to share on Facebook with your friends!

Ok, so you can go there now. The blog will wait and be sure to come back.


First blog post.


That was more work than either one of us thought. Promise that getting food from The Taste is much easier. Especially for you, because you're probably on the email list by now.

Oh yeah, and I am really sorry about the macarons trick that started this whole thing.

Here is some not coffee to go with them.


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